Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Car Troubles

Well old Betsy ,my car, died again...she's been creeping towards retirement more & more lately. But if I can't retire neither can Betsy. This time it's a fuel pump, which sounds easy enough to me but with all the computer 'stuff' they put in car nowadays it just means more $$$. So we write another check and less one more Christmas gift.
Anyway. on a happy note? I have decided to organize all my stitching, wip's and untouched. I have a new app on my iphone that allows me to post pictures and descriptions of each item and put it in a file. Very cool. This way I won't double buy. I have 2 of a few things. I think I will begin a new blog for the stitching. Yay! I'm still trying to figure this blog thing out.

1 comment:

Meari said...

I can relate, Cyn! I've been having car troubles at least once a year, LOL


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