Monday, May 11, 2015

This is my first attempt at fabric dying with fruit. 28 ct white Jobelan dyed with pure blueberry juice. Freshly squeezed & squished. Excuse the wrinkles. It's much darker than the photo shows. Thought it would have been more 'blue' than purple. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you Moms out there! We are having a Mother's Day Sale! Stop by and see what you can get for your mom or yourself. Classic Colorworks is having a sale so we are passing the discount on to you! All CCT Cotton floss is on sale. 

It's been awhile since I've written anything here.  We have just been so busy growing Beach Cottage Stitchers! And thanks to all of our wonderful and loyal customers we have really grown into a great company. Along with all the cross stitch supplies we have now, we will be also be offering punch needle as well as knitting supplies. Look for these products on our website soon!

I've decided I love looking at blogs much more than Facebook. So much more personal.
So to kick off my new blogging trend I thought I would post about our Mother's Day Sale we are having at Beach Cottage Stitchers this weekend. Actually the sale will go on all week until May 16.
We have our Classic Colorworks cotton floss on sale too!
 We wish All Moms out there to have a wonderful, blessed Mother's Day!
This is the 3rd part of Jardin Prive's Sheep Stories
A 4 part series from France. See all the details here: Sheep Stories
We would love it if you stopped by out website at Beach Cottage Stitchers to take a look around to see what's new! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here it is! The Little House Needleworks first 2013 Little Sheep Virtues - HOPE 
The is just adorable! I can't wait to begin! We have this available as an Auto-Ship with FREE SHIPPING! See website for details. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Santa's Village!

This is the newest, cutest & super popular series!
 Country Cottage Needleworks is beginning a 12 month Santa's Village series. 

You can stitch this on one large piece of linen or 12 separately to display as pillows (lots of pillows LOL), or festive creations to give as gifts. 

We have an Auto-Ship Club with Free Shipping if you sign up for the monthly series. Click HERE  for all the festive details! 
We have had such a tremendous response with this new series! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Nan-Gingerbread Mouse

Just Nan - Gingerbread Mouse Kit
  This little lady is just waiting to be your favorite ornament on your Christmas tree or anywhere. Quick to stitch up for a last minute gift or for yourself! 
Pick her up on our site HERE

Saturday, June 30, 2012



25% OFF!
(US orders only for free shipping)
International orders will be billed for shipping after reviewing)

We are going to the beach, where hopefully it won't be too foggy to see the fire works being shot off from the Hermosa Beach Pier and the Santa Monica Pier. Also the past few years a very nice (and wealthy) lady arranges a wonderful fireworks show from a barge she rents off the Palos Verdes Coast. It is truly a spectacular event that she generously provides for all her 'neighbors' in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. We are all truly grateful. If only she could hear the cheering and clapping of all the happy people attending up & down that coastal area.

Thank you for being such great loyal customers! I love those comments!
And please, if you have not done so, please sign up in the guest book for upcoming sales.

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And Lots More....
Sale ends July 7th? LOL

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

This is so cute! My DH gave me this cute little guy for Valentine's Day. We had decided not to exchange gifts this year but he couldn't resist.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been A Long Time...

have not posted in so long due to my very busy life. It's hard to keep everything up to date when there is so much going on. My two sons and my daughter-in-law moved up to Oregon a few weeks ago. I miss them terribly. I am so close to my kids but I know they must grow up and spread their wings sometime. And I'll go to visit a lot.
It's really been a crazy year with the opening of our needlework store and keeping it managed and up to date. But loads of fun and meeting so many new people. My hubby has been just the most supportive and encouraging silent partner. He's the behind the scene muscle man. Moving boxes and cabinets and files around with my frequently changing mind. And all with a smile!
I participated in a Christmas Exchange
this year with a yahoo group I belong to. Shared Crossing is the group. I just finished up my partners ornament. I mailed it today and put in a few cute charts and goodies. The picture is a bit pink due to the bad lighting in the room.

I hope she likes it! I just might make another one for our house too.
Now I need to get busy getting & mailing gifts for those relatives who live far away.
Hopefully I can keep up my stitching too.
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011



It's finally ready after many moons and sleepless nights of working on the design, adding new charts and transferring the original items from the other site. I still have LOTS of new things to enter and zillions of older ones still to post but at least you can SHOP!!
And...for one day only on APRIL 1, in celebration of my DD's birthday, There will be NO SHIPPING charges on anything you order! From 12 am to 12pm (Pacific time)
(sorry this can't be combined with any other discounts offered)

And yes, I actually did not believe the doctor 21 years ago that I would be having my 4th little darling. LOL I thought I had the flu. Then she made her appearance on April Fool's Day! How appropriate LOL

Happy Shopping!

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Wheels!

I finally did it, I bought a new car. I've been looking for a long time and wanted to buy everything I saw. There's a lot of very nice cars out there. But this one was a good deal and has all the bells and whistles that I love. It's a 2010 Ford Edge. My DS, Daniel, loves the stereo that gets louder the faster you drive! LOL When I turn on the car, my music from my iphone starts playing without even being connected. And I can even use my computer (not while driving) in it. Very cool.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for our nephew who is 3 now. One of the aunts 'rented' a Batman character and he was so bad it was actually funny! The skinniest batman we ever saw. She should have gotten her money back but the kids really didn't notice.
We have been having a wonderful past 4 or 5 days at home. My two DS's and DIL flew up to Oregon for a week to see if they want to move there. And my DD, Rachel, is house and puppy sitting for them. So...that means we have had an empty house for the first time ever. Wow it's been really nice with just the two of us. Don't get me wrong we LOVE the kids but between us, we have 7 children (only 2 live with us) so it's rare that we have any time alone. Someone is always dropping by for something.
No stitching done yet. I'm so far behind on my Challenge with car shopping and getting my new website up and going for Beach Cottage Stitchers. Too much to do, I think I need to clone myself. LOL

Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress and Bread

My Up For A Challenge Progress:
This is an update on my progress on my SAL from Maryes that I've been working on. Not much to show but for me it's a lot because I'm a slow stitcher on linen.
The photo is bad but the linen is a gorgeous lavender mist! It will be complete in 12 sections. I'd better get moving.

Also I've been baking bread. So much in fact that my bread machine called it quits. So after searching high & low for a new one, I finally found it at Costco. You used to be able to find them everywhere but now most are only sold online. This is my first attempt at sourdough. After letting it sit and stirring it for a week it was finally ready. Boy did the house smell yummy!!
Now I have my sourdough starter ready to make all the time.
DH & I were both a little under the weather this past weekend so all of our to-do lists are still undone. The weather is so nice here, I wanted to tackle some of those weeds in the yard but maybe next weekend.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birthday Giveaway

Carolyn at 'one more stitch' is having a birthday today and she's being so generous as to have a giveaway in honor of her birthday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Finish of 2011!!

My first finish of 2011. Prairie Schooler 1999 Santa. To be completed into a small hanging pillow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Christmas Display Ever!!

This is so cool! I'm going to show DH for next year! LOL
Turn up your speakers, it's beautiful.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beautiful Pillow Giveaway

Rebecca is having a giveaway on her blog A Gathering Place. She is giving away a gorgeous Christmas pillow.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Village

Here's my Christmas Village. It's a bit smaller than last year's due to our new kitty who decided he would jump up on the table we usually use and take a snooze right there in the middle of town.
And I found this very old 'macaroni tree' that my Mom made years ago. I remember her making these as a child. She spray painted everything gold. LOL
And on a stitchy update: I've been working on my PS Santa (still) and I'm knitting a Christmas scarf for someone. Not sure who yet. I just love this ribbon yarn. It's really silky and so festive!

Friday, December 10, 2010


My husband is my SUPERMAN!! I thought I'd lost my ring a few days ago! Not just any ring but the ring that my Mom left me when she passed away last May. This ring was my father's wedding ring! When he died years ago, she had both of their wedding rings redesigned together to make one gorgeous ring. I have been just sick about it. It must have slipped off while I was looking for things in my closet drawers. I didn't even notice it was gone until the next morning. We looked everywhere and Terrence was just about to start pulling the plumbing apart to look in the pipes when he thought he'd take one more look around and ...TADAA! He found it! I've lost a bit of weight but I didn't even think my ring finger was getting smaller. I'll have to get a ring sizer. So to my Darling hubby, Terrence, I thank you and I love you so much!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A weekend trip, Gift Stash, A Wedding and A Baby!

Here's a bit about what going on in my world. Just a little knitting but no pictures of that because it's a gift. My hours have changed at work now so I actually get to see my DH, Terrence for more than 5 minutes per day. It's been really nice.

Here's the baby pictures! Terrence's DD, Jaide had her first baby a few weeks ago. He's such a cutie! Just look at proud Grampa holding him for the first time. Now he spends his weekends looking for toys to buy him. Already picked out a crane to put together. I think he'll have to wait a few years for that one.

My niece, Alicia got married last week. Her new hubby is a Marine so they squeezed the wedding in when they could. Don't they look so cute together? They had the wedding over looking the ocean in Palos Verdes area where we all grew up. So beautiful! And such a perfect evening. He is stationed in
San Diego so that's not too far from us. Alicia is the same age as my Rachel (20) so it really seems amazing that our babies are getting married!
This is our So Cal version of our family, except for DH, Terrence who had to work. On the far left is Rick, my nephew, who is in the Air Force. He just left a few days ago for Japan. He will be there for 2 years I think. Hopefully we can go visit him there. I know he's excited!

And finally...

I just had to show off what I ordered when I received my 50.00 gift from Cathe
y on her blog Pumpkin Patch & Co for her blogoversary. I ordered some LittleHouse Needleworks and Country Cottage charts and one Shepards Bush.

Thank you again so much Cathey!!!! I can't wait to begin stitching!!!

This is from when my friend, Carol & I went to Santa Ynez for the weekend. we visited a lavendar farm. This picture is of Carol posing, see the Statue of Liberty behind her? LOL The fragrance is just heavenly!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little R & R (nothing to do with robins)

I am working on my Brookesbooks Summer House Sal, a PS Gingerbread House Santa and an afghan for my sister. I have some pics on my blog. I just don't know where the time goes, it seems like the days are just flying by and I just can't get to my stitching like I'd want to.
But this weekend I'm going on a little R&R trip with my longtime buddy, Carol. We went last year at this time also. We've been friends since the 6th grade. We are going to Santa Ynez to stay at her Mom's house for Carol's birthday. That's up by Solvang where they have the cutest little town. I'll be visiting the needlework store called Thumbelina and the yarn store. The rest of the time I plan to stitch and not take care of anyone! YAY! I'll post pics when I get back.


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