Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steve's Almost Home

My son, Steve, went to live in Virginia 3 years ago (seems longer than that). He was having some growing pains, so he decided to make the move to do something different. While he was there found a great job and some good friends. He also found a new love. She lives here in So Cal so I'm sure that was a big part of the decision to make the move back home. (Oh they grow up so fast and don't need 'Mommy' anymore)
So we are all excited! They will be here on Friday. He is my oldest. That's him on the sofa with his 4 siblings and Kelly and cousin, Alicia. Everyone is very happy to have us all together again.


Carolyn NC said...

Wow, I know you're excited! Glad he's coming back home. :)

Debbie Jo said...

Nothing like having family home.

Anonymous said...

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