Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Goodies!

I went shopping last week at Helen's Hobbies and couldn't stop myself. Here's a peek at what I got...

Please excuse the quality of the photos, my camera is flash happy.
I especially love the Hummel laundry girl and the needlpoint lighthouse.
And a friend & I have discovered a really cozy crafty store where on Wednesday nights we can go sit with anyone who wants to come and stitch or knit or whatever you love to do and have a glass of wine. She has a huge fireplace which makes it seem like we are sitting in a living room but without the distractions of family, children, laundry...etc. LOL It's amazing how much more I can accomplish while i'm there.


Mel said...

Great new patterns. And your night of stitching in front of a fireplace sounds just lovely!

5footrunt said...

Looks like you'll be busy for awhile,lol. Have fun stitch'in !

Nancy said...

Looks like some great stash! I have a couple older Prairie Schooler santas if you don't have them, you can have them.


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