Thursday, July 9, 2009

Knitting and Stitching

Here are some of my attempts at knitting. I've only been doing this for a short time and I think I 'm hooked! It goes so fast. Please excuse my photos, these were taken with my phone because my camera battery charger is missing. (kids! ~ sigh)

I'm off work today because I've been getting dizzy spells. So I think it's best that I just stay home and rest. It's been so long since I've posted anything, but I have been reading lots of other great blogs. Some really beautiful work out there! I've been knitting just about every second I can, and yes the frogs regularly visit knitters also! I've ripped out more than I want to remember. My latest project is a
Felted Purse. The pattern and the yarn I've chosen is above in the circular needles. First you knit a big purse with wool and then wash it to shrink it to the size you want. This one will have sparkles. Very Cool! It's been a fun challenge for me.
My friend Peg (above with Holly) & I have discovered a wonderful crafty store near us called 'Dabble Studios' . Erin, who owns the shop, sells all kinds of knitting, crochet, scrap booking, beading, sewing and lots of other goodies. She has knitting nights where we can come and work on whatever we want. The atmosphere is just so cozy. Anyway I've posted some of my beginning knitting attempts. Don't look too closely or you might see the holes. That's why I love the fun fur, you can make a mistake but it can't be seen as easily.

And my Castles in the Air Sal progress is going along very slowing because of all this knitting I'm doing.
This is a really bad pic. The colors are really pretty in real life.

And of course last, but not in the least at all is my baby Holly. I call her HollyPie. She is 8 months old now. She is just the sweetest 'little' girl. She has aced her dogie training classes. She gets an 'A' in chewing at our house! Everything has been tasted by Holly. Even the kitties. They have all gotten used to her big licks and put up with her. She's no threat, she just loves to taste everything even if it is a cat. I came across a video that my son, Daniel, took when my daughter, Rachel, gave Holly to me at Christmas. Daniel put it on YouTube! You can see "Holly's Arrival" if you click the picture below. Let me know if you think we might be in the
running for an academy award! haha

One more picture...Our furbabies, Jack, Holly & Lizzie at the dog park above.


Linda said...

Wow, looks like you have knitting well in hand. I love the funky yarn! Love the video of Holly, too. Thanks for sharing your life.
Lynn in TX

Sandra said...

Hey Cynthia your knitting look gorgeous. I crochet and also am a beginner knitter and yes, the frogs do visit regularly lol Today I'll buy my first circular needles, I'm a bit tired of the scarves...

Love the yarn you chose for your bag it's so beautiful!

Meari said...

Nice job on your knitted projects. Holly is such a pretty pup :)

Mary Ivancicts said...

Your knitting is beautiful, so is your stitching.

Patricia D. said...
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