Friday, September 11, 2009

Football & Stitching weekend

Hi, I am so happy that it's Friday. I sometimes feel like I'm wishing my life away just to get to the weekends. LOL I think it's going to be a football weekend for us. Our favorite college team in Ca (USC) are playing in Ohio on Saturday and my fav NFL team (Vikings) are playing on Sunday but I don't know with who. Great fan I am. So I will be doing lots of stitching (between cheering).
I am working on trying to stay on a rotation on my stitching. I'm trying to accomplish 'something' this year. Everything I have is a WIP. What I need is to check into nice hotel, with room service, and stitch away with no distractions. hmmmm maybe.....
Anyway it's almost time to go home from work to get started on a good weekend! Hopefully by Monday I'll have gulp...Finish!


Jan said...

Have a super stitchey football weekend, Cindi! I will be there with you! (^-^)

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds fun - good luck finishing! Hey - since you're an Austen fan, did you know BBC is hosting a 4 part movies Sat. night at 9:00 for "Emma"?
Previews look great!

Meari said...

It's been a month... How's the stitching going??

Cindy's Stitching said...

I can't wait until you post photos of your shephards bush pieces. Cindy - ny


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