Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you!

My new DDIL & DS & DS ( Kelly, Steve & Daniel)


I wanted to thank you all who responded to my jacket dilema for my son's New Years Eve wedding. I was amazed at how many people left comments on my blog. Such nice gals! As it turned out, the weather was so cooporative and warm that I didn't even need a jacket. Which was really nice because the back of the dress has beautiful beading on it so I didn't have to cover it up. I will post more pictures of the grand event as soon as the bride & groom release them to us. The wedding turned out beautiful! I was home sick this week and when I wasn't sneezing I actually got some stitching in. I'm working on a Sal from Little House Needleworks called FaLaLa. It's for the ornament a month sal. That will be amazing if I can stitch ANYTHING once a month LOL
Here's the progressso far...I'm pretty slow at this because I'm not used to stitching on linen but I think it's coming out nice. I switched the colors of the dresses from the original choice. I hope to finish it all this weekend and hopefully get over my cold. Everyone in my family has it now.


Mel said...

Ornament is looking great.

And so glad to hear that the jacket dilemma didn't become a further dilemma. :)

Jan said...

Fa-La-La is coming along, stay well and warm!

Gabi said...

Fa la la is looking great already.
Beautiful wedding picture, and glad the weather solved your problem with the jacket so nicely.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Congratulations to the Happy couple, and glad the jacket wasnt' an issue. Nice work on FaLaLa!

Shelley said...

Congrats on the wedding. Happy to hear we were all able to help, or not, with the jacket dilema.

Your ornie is looking great. Your stitching on linen just fine! I really like this series and may be tempted to join in on it sometime this year, loL!

Carolyn NC said...

So glad the wedding went well. Ornie is cute!

Janaina said...

Ohhh they make such a beautiful couple, Cyndi!!! Congrats on them!=)
Orine is coming along so pretty! Well done!

glenda said...

Great job on your ornament!

Nancy in IL said...

I, too, am a slow stitcher, but maybe we can encourage each other to get Fa La La done together. It looks great for a newbie on linen. I'm still not finished with mine. Don't know how I'm going to keep up with the group on The Library and Pear Tree.

Thank you for your visit to my blog.


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