Sunday, June 6, 2010

A New Start and New SAL

I removed the original posting of the chart Summer House due to copyright issues.I didn't realize someone could make a copy of the chart from my blog and that's against the copyright laws. You can sign up on Brookes books yahoo group if you'd like to stitch it.
This "Summer House" chart is the new SAL that I have started. I know.... I already have a million other projects that need are screaming to be finished, but I NEED a new start. I am very slowing coming out out my cocoon after my Mom's death and I just needed to begin something different. And besides I just CAN NOT resist a house design. Houses are my very favorite thing to stitch. I will try promise to finish these! Does it sound like I'm trying to give myself permission to do another project? LOL This SAL is from the BrookesBooks yahoo group that I belong. It is the first of 4 seasonal houses. Oh Boy! 3 more!!
Also yesterday I went through my huge 'current, current' WIP basket and got myself re-energized, yes, like the bunny, to get myself moving on all these cute, adorable, I just have to buy this, dusty charts that have been so neglected. I'm going on a schedule to stitch a little bit everyday. I have been so busy with creating The Stitcher's Island and coping with my loss that I haven't stitched anything in months.
This weekend my DB and I are driving to No Cal to meet with my other DB and DS to empty out Mom's storage and go through all of her things. I'm not sure if we are going to bring it ALL back and have a huge estate sale or just donate to something and get it over with. She had so many little figurines and knick-nacks and furniture that my siblings already living up there don't want. I guess we will bring it home with us.
So now I must keep my promise and get back to my stitching now...


Deb said...

I just love your new SAL project. I can only imagine how nice all four of those houses are going to be when their stitched. Hopefully, now you're up to stitching more. I know that it takes time to get over a loss (especially one so close to you), but maybe after you've settled everything, you'll get a lot more stitching done. Can't wait to see your start on this.

Farm Girl said...

Your new SAL is so cute. So happy for you that you are finding time for yourself to stitch. Look forward to see your progress on this sweet house.

Elaine said...

Your new SAL looks really pretty.
Glad that you feel up to stitching again.

Carolyn NC said...

I do love this house, too - can't wait to see how you stitch it!

Mel said...

A very cute house. :)
Look forward to seeing you start it.

(and don't worry I'm in a ton of SALs too... we just all make it work,lol)

DUSTY said...

I love this house too. It is in my stash to do.

Meari said...

I think you should just go ahead and start a new one, lol. It's a very cute house.

MaryT said...

Love your new SAL project! I( am into houses too:0)

Mary Louise


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