Friday, December 10, 2010


My husband is my SUPERMAN!! I thought I'd lost my ring a few days ago! Not just any ring but the ring that my Mom left me when she passed away last May. This ring was my father's wedding ring! When he died years ago, she had both of their wedding rings redesigned together to make one gorgeous ring. I have been just sick about it. It must have slipped off while I was looking for things in my closet drawers. I didn't even notice it was gone until the next morning. We looked everywhere and Terrence was just about to start pulling the plumbing apart to look in the pipes when he thought he'd take one more look around and ...TADAA! He found it! I've lost a bit of weight but I didn't even think my ring finger was getting smaller. I'll have to get a ring sizer. So to my Darling hubby, Terrence, I thank you and I love you so much!!!

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Mary Ivancicts said...

I lost my wedding band a year ago, so I know what you went through, I never did find mine.


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