Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress and Bread

My Up For A Challenge Progress:
This is an update on my progress on my SAL from Maryes that I've been working on. Not much to show but for me it's a lot because I'm a slow stitcher on linen.
The photo is bad but the linen is a gorgeous lavender mist! It will be complete in 12 sections. I'd better get moving.

Also I've been baking bread. So much in fact that my bread machine called it quits. So after searching high & low for a new one, I finally found it at Costco. You used to be able to find them everywhere but now most are only sold online. This is my first attempt at sourdough. After letting it sit and stirring it for a week it was finally ready. Boy did the house smell yummy!!
Now I have my sourdough starter ready to make all the time.
DH & I were both a little under the weather this past weekend so all of our to-do lists are still undone. The weather is so nice here, I wanted to tackle some of those weeds in the yard but maybe next weekend.


Suzzane said...

Yummmmmmmmmmy, home made bread!

Meari said...

Homemade bread... Yummo! I see bread machines at thrift stores all the time. Hope you're feeling better now.

socialsue said...

Love to make bread in our bread maker too! I hope u enjoy your car too! Nice to be able to get around and to travel as well.


Katrien said...

That's a beautiful WIP.
Yum, homemade bread


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