Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been A Long Time...

have not posted in so long due to my very busy life. It's hard to keep everything up to date when there is so much going on. My two sons and my daughter-in-law moved up to Oregon a few weeks ago. I miss them terribly. I am so close to my kids but I know they must grow up and spread their wings sometime. And I'll go to visit a lot.
It's really been a crazy year with the opening of our needlework store and keeping it managed and up to date. But loads of fun and meeting so many new people. My hubby has been just the most supportive and encouraging silent partner. He's the behind the scene muscle man. Moving boxes and cabinets and files around with my frequently changing mind. And all with a smile!
I participated in a Christmas Exchange
this year with a yahoo group I belong to. Shared Crossing is the group. I just finished up my partners ornament. I mailed it today and put in a few cute charts and goodies. The picture is a bit pink due to the bad lighting in the room.

I hope she likes it! I just might make another one for our house too.
Now I need to get busy getting & mailing gifts for those relatives who live far away.
Hopefully I can keep up my stitching too.
Merry Christmas!!

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